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The BC500/BC600 single head back cut miter saw is design for fast accurate cutting of your aluminum and PVC profiles. Angles are quickly set from -22.5° to 90° to 45° by a pneumatic actuator. Feed cylinder speeds can be changed for precision cuts of various sizes or profiles. This unit is equipped with a 500 mm (600 mm) blade and full guarding and pneumatic clamps are included. Guard rising is also pneumatically actuated.
Technical Data
  • BC500: Saw Blade Ø500 mm
  • BC600: Saw Blade Ø600 mm
  • Double tilting right 45° and left 22.5°
  • Manual positioning of intermediate angles
  • 4 kW (5.3 Hsp) Three-phase motor
  • Lubrication
  • Pneumatic horizontal clamping Qty.2
  • Pneumatic Vertical clamping Qty.1
  • Pneumatic tilting of the head to 22,30°/90°/135°
  • Integral protection for the cutting area
  • Emulsionated oil type ALCUT Plus 20L
  • Extra vertical pneumatic clamp
  • Extra Ø500mm / Ø600mm Carbide blade
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