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CS400A / CS400 Single Head Cutting Machines

The CS400/CS400A is a single head chop saw equipped with a 400 mm carbide tipped blade for cutting of aluminum and PVC profiles. The table can be rotated manually to angles from 45° RH and LH with presets at +45°/90°/-45°. Intermediate angles set by mechanical stop. Manual tilting of the cutting unit outwards up to 45° in respect to the horizontal axis is also attainable. This machine is also equipped with retractable blade guard and two hand tie down for operator safety. Pneumatic clamping is also included.

  • CS400A -- Hydro pneumatic head feeding ( Pneumatic clamping)
  • CS400 -- Manual head feeding (Pneumatic clamping)
Components Supplied
  • No. 1 Carbide saw blade (Ø400 mm)
  • No. 2 Horizontal pneumatic clamping kits
  • Steel base plate
  • Lubrication system
  • 3HP motor
  • Emulsionated oil type ALCUT Plus 20L
  • Carbide saw blade (Ø400 mm)
  • Vertical pneumatic clamping cylinder kit
  • Horizontal pneumatic clamping kit
  • Industrial Dust Exhauster
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