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The DBC500/GE/DRV/S Double Miter Saw is a double head back cut saw with a fixed left head and servo controlled positioning right head. Pneumatic tilting of heads can cut angles can be set from 22.5° degrees outward to -22.5° inward. The GE is equipped with a Windows 10 based controls and industrial touch screen controller. The DRV/S is equipped with a V8 touchscreen industrial CNC for easy operator interface.  The unit is equipped with Electronic positioning able to manage single cuts, store 100 profile codes and their values. Store cutting list already inputted via keyboard. Manage frame types. Also included, is a metric scale with reading index. Cut list can be imported through the USB.
  • DBC500 S — 90°/-45°/-22.5°
  • DBC500 GE — 22.5°/90°/-22.5°
  • DBC500 DRV — 22.5°/90°/135°
Components Supplied
  • No. 2 Ø500 diameter blades
  • Horizontal and vertical pneumatic clamps, equipped with low pressure device
  • Fully guarded heads for operator safety
  • Movable conveyor 2.5 meters in length
  • Pneumatic mist system
  • Windows 10 Touchscreen Control
  • Lubrication by micro drop with pure oil
  • 500 mm Carbide Blades
  • Emulsified cutting Oil 20 litre
  • Pneumatic support of the intermediate roller
  • Electronic caliper for profile height measuring
  • Motorized chip conveyor
  • Extra clamp
  • Label printer
  • Cutting length 5 m
  • TS7002 Windows 10 Controller
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