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CR3000 Copy Router

The CR3000 Copy Router is a manual copy router with pneumatic clamps, lubrication and pneumatic tracer points. The unit is equipped with pneumatic turning table at three positions -90°- 0° – 90° with goniometer (accurate scale) for adjusting intermediate angles. It is also equipped with a variable speed spindle adjustable by inverter and potentiometer (from 2800 to 12000rpm) with three phase motor 1,5HP (1.1kW) . Its’ working capacities are 3000 x 250 x 200 mm (118” x 9.8” x 7.8”) . It also boasts 2 pneumatically actuated tracer points. With 4 movable pneumatic clamps. X axis sliding on linear guides. Specially advised for working on aluminum, PVC, stainless and steel.
Standard Equipment
  • Collet Ø8mm
  • No. 4 pneumatic clamps
  • No. 3 tracer points with 3 diameters: 5/8/10mm
  • No. 3 copy templates
  • Pneumatic spray mist lubrication
  • Air filter
  • Air gun
  • Blank template
  • Collet Ø10mm
  • Extra Ø450mm Carbide blade
  • Emulsified cutting oil 20 Litre
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