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TigerTurbo™, big brother to the TigerStop®, offers higher speeds and increased load capacity. If you need speed, TigerTurbo™ can operate at up to 250 feet per minute with its steel reinforced belt. If pushing capacity is your game, TigerTurbo can push 350 lbs (158 Kg) without rollers or 840 lbs (381 Kg) with roller tables. When no other machine can push it, pull it, or position it, TigerTurbo™ gets the job done. We know what it’s like to set and reset manual stops. If you’re making one or two parts, that’s fine. For those of us who need the 1st part to be the same as the 1000th, we use TigerTurbo. Fast and Accurate…every time. Add on any software feature at any time. Don’t spend good money on features you may not use. Get the positioner now. Then get downloading and label printing when you need it. Then get Dynamic Optimization™ nesting software when you have arrived at the big time.
Technical Data
  • Power Requirement:
    208 VAC @ 20 Amps, Isolated Circuit
    240 VAC @ 20 Amps, Isolated Circuit
  • Repeatable Accuracy: .008 in (.20 mm)
  • Motor Type: AC servo w/ optical encoder
  • Pushing Capacity: 840 lbs (381 kg) w/ rollers; 350 lbs (158 kg) w/o rollers
  • Drive Type: 75 mm steel reinforced belt
  • Working Length: 12 – 42 Feet (3.6 – 12.8 Meters).
  • 1 Year Warranty

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