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TigerStop’s flagship product with over 30,000 in the field. Its easy to use interface and mechanical design make it suited to any application where you need speed, accuracy and precision. Push it, Pull it, Position it: TigerStop standard software lets you do it all. Every TigerStop product uses the same control system, so if your guys have used a TigerStop, they will be able to use any product in the TigerStop family. When operators are busy setting and resetting stops, they aren’t cutting and they aren’t making you money. TigerStop keeps the operator at the saw and in the money making zone.
Technical Data
  • Power Requirement
    110 VAC @ 15 Amps, Isolated Circuit
    208 VAC @ 20 Amps, Isolated Circuit
    240 VAC @ 20 Amps, Isolated Circuit
  • Repeatable Accuracy: .004 in (.10 mm)
  • Motor Type: DC servo w/ optical encoder
  • Pushing Capacity:
    120 lbs (54 kg) w/ rollers
    90 lbs (40 kg) w/o rollers
  • Drive Type: 32 mm steel reinforced belt
  • Working Length: 4 – 30 Feet (1.2 – 9.1 Meters)
  • 1 Year Warranty
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