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C3S Vertical Router 3 Meters Long with Manual Tool Changer

The C3S is a numerically controlled vertical router for Aluminum, PVC, Fiberglass and Steel. Capable of working on 3 sides of the profile. Pneumatic tilting working table: +90°/0°/-90°, intermediate angles are obtained by mechanical stops. Spindle speed adjustment from 3000 to 15000 rpm is controlled by a frequency inverter. Numerically Controlled interpolation of X and Y. Axis’ X, Y and Z movements utilize brushless motors. The unit comes complete with 4 pneumatic double acting clamps for material fixturing. Software compensated tool diameter correction. Left and right profile zero stops. Milling dimensions: X= 3000 mm Y= 150mm Z= 150mm. Perimeter protection for safety, optional. TS7005 Touchscreen control allows for remote assistance and importation of DXF files for ease of programming.
Components Supplied
  • N. 1 Electrospindle 4,5 Kw (6 Hsp)- 0/15000 rpm
  • N. 4 Manual Positioning Clamps (supplied with the C3S)
  • N. 1 Oil Sprayer Lubrication on the Electrospindle
  • Single Zone Working
  • Fast & Easy Changing ISO 30 Tool System
  • Manual Slides Greasing
  • Cooling System by Electric Fan & Numerical Control
  • Touch Screen & PC with Monitor
  • Hard Disk 80 Gb capacity & USB Ports & Keyboard
  • Serial and Parallel Interfaces for Online Connection, Barcode Scanner, Modem and Label Printer Operator Console on the Machine
  • Air Gun and Spiral Plastic Pip
  • Service Spanner for Cones
  • Machine Documentation / Manuals
  • N. 2 Zero Setting Points Pneumatic Setting
  • CNC Controlled Automatic Tool Changer System with 6 tools
  • Full Cabin Guarding
  • Interface Microsoft Windows 10 Professional
  • Communication Service for Remote Control by Ethernet or WIFI Connection
*To be Quoted on Request*
  • Microdrop Oil Lubrication on the Electrospindle
  • Additional Clamp Group System
  • Double Zone Working (TWIN system)
  • Tool Kit: N.5 Tool Holders ISO 30 with collet ER 16- ER25 & N.5 HM Milling tool D.5/6/8/10
  • End Milling Kit for System ISO 30
  • Counter Balance Threading Tap ISO 20 M3- M10
  • Upgrade for Electro Spindle 5,5 Kw 0-24000 rpm
  • Upgrade for Electro Spindle 6,5 Kw Max couple 3000 rpm (specific for steel machining
  • Wireless Bar Code Reader
  • Integration of external calculation prog
  • DXF importation
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