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Frame Dimensions:



Min: 400 x 4005

Max: 3500 x 2600







The FPW-40 welding unit is a four head welder with a maximum height 7.67 inches (195 mm) capability allowing for double stacking of frames and quad stacking of sashes. With a maximum frame size of 137.75 x 102.36 inches (3500mm x 2600mm) and a minimum size of 15.74 x 15.74 inches (400mm x 400mm) it can weld your largest to your smallest window sizes in short time. The unit includes quick fixture changing, spew limiting knives, adjustable between 0,2mm (for laminated wood finish profiles) and 2 mm (for white profile). The temperature range can be adjusted between 0-660°F (0-350° C) with an electronic thermostat. Automatic positioning of the welding heads is attained through brushless motors and optional bar code reader makes setup as simple and accurate as can be. Frame unit unloading table is included.
  • Barcode Reader
  • Fixture
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