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CP65A Cutting & Processing Center

The CP65A cutting and processing center is designed for the fabrication of PVC and Aluminum profiles. A nine-position infeed conveyor holds and indexes your profiles ready for processing. Material is feed through the processing center by means of an auto-positioning gripper. The processing center completes all fabrication including cutting, drilling, and milling required to go directly to assembly by means of the offload table that can hold up to 8 completed pieces. The machine is preprogrammed for all operations by OperaCad® or your MRP software and bridge software as an option. This unit replaces your saws, copy routers, end mills and drills and all material handling between each of those units. You simply load full lengths of extrusions at one end and collect finished pieces at another end.
1) Loading side (3 controlled axis):
  • Automatic loading table with gripper to hold and feed the profile, useful bar length 6500 mm; maximum carriage speed 100 m/min
  • Belt on the loading table allows to load a maximum number of 9 bars.
  • Gripper with 2 controlled axis allows the quick positioning depending from the loaded profile.
2) Milling side (3 controlled axis):
  • Milling units with 9 ELECTROSPINDLES at 24000 RPM and 1 ELECTROSPINDLE with 3 drills unit at 1400 RPM. The positions of the spindles are adjustable to adapt to any type of machining and profile and the high rotation speed of the tools allows maximum effectiveness in milling.
  • 3 controlled axis allow the milling unit to move in X Y Z and therefore guarantee the maximum precision and speed of execution of the processes.
  • X axis with a 600 mm stroke allows the cutting while milling operation to reduce at the minimum the working time.
3) Cutting side (2 controlled axis):
  • Single-head descending miter saw with Ø550 mm blade for cuts at any angle between 45° and 135°. The downward cut allows easy unloading of the chips and swarf.
  • Cutting angle positioning between 45° and 135° by means of a brushless motor and high precision gearbox with 0 play “robotic grade”
  • The cutting and milling area are protected by a cabin also ensuring a noise reduction.
4) Unloading side (1 controlled axis):
  • Unloading carriage allows to take the piece just cut and take it outside the cutting area.
  • Unloading table receives the pieces that are pushed away by the saw and, through an ejector, then makes them available to the operator.
  • Unloading table with scratch-resistant strips allows to host up to 8 pieces before the operator collects them.
Technical Data
  • Maximum bar that can be loaded: 6500 mm
  • Maximum bar that can be unloaded: 3000 mm, different lengths on request
  • Minimum cut at 90°: 50 mm
  • All movements on high precision linear guides, ballscrews or helical rack
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